Workout Motivation Jamin Thompson

Workout Motivation: How To Reach The Next Level

Today we hit MetroFlex Gym in Long Beach, California for a hardcore, fasted, morning cardio workout. Barbarian Style. Watch for some extreme workout motivation, and get some pro tips for how to take your training and progress to the next level. THE WORKOUT 1a. Sledgehammer Slams *10 to 15 reps on ea… OOPS! Looks like you […]

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jamin thompson workout

Workout Ideas For “Off Days”

Quite a few members have reached out to me lately and asked questions such as: “Is training 3-4 times a week enough?” or “Should I have an active rest day?” or “Should I be doing extra cardio?”  Before I attempt to answer all of your questions let me just state for the record t… OOPS! […]

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how to measure body fat

How To Measure Your Body Fat

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned vet, one tracking measurement that you’ll probably want to make sure you stay on top of is your body fat percentage. One of the main reasons you’ll want to stay on top of your body fat is because knowing your number can (1) help you set realistic… […]

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Getting Started Guide – How To Take Body Composition Measurements & Track Your Progress

So you’ve decided to make the commitment – you’ve signed up and joined the ranks. Congratulations! You have taken the first (and most difficult step) and gotten it out of the way. Most people never even make it to step one, so I applaud you for making the executive decision to begin this j… OOPS! Looks […]

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resolutions_new years_2017_junk food

Resolutions Don’t Work

Resolutions Do Not Work! Here’s Why… January is a funny month. It’s cold, you’re in debt from Christmas, and you’re probably hungover and sick of your in-laws from the holiday season. New Year’s resolutions are usually made after a few adult bevera… OOPS! Looks like you don’t have permission to access to this page. […]

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calculate macros muscle building fat loss maintenance

How To Calculate Your Macros

How To Calculate Your Macros One of the most frequently asked questions in the world of health and fitness is “how do I calculate my macros to reach my goals?” While there is no exact formula or answer for how to calculate the perfect macros for your specific goals (because there are so many v… OOPS! Looks […]

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