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The Superhero Workout

I’ve been getting a ton of questions and emails lately about workouts… Many of them are the usual questions like “what kind of workout should I be doing” Or… “Send me a workout plan dude” Or… “I’ve been stuck on the same workout for a while and I’m bored as hell”… I guess when … […]

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jamin thompson pull up challenge

The 1,000 Pull-Up Challenge

Over the years I’ve tried and experimented with just about every exercise and training tool out there… …Dyno, Prowler, Tires, Sleds, Barbells, Dumbbells, Bodyweight, TRX, Kamagon Balls, Ropes, Rings, Sandbags, Stairs, Hills… …Sledgehammers, Kegs, Atlas Stones, Bodyweight, Bootleg H… OOPS! Looks like you don’t have permission to access to this page. To get access you […]

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The Soup Can Circuit

Are you suffering with chronic and annoying shoulder pain? Do you have shoulders that click, crack, and feel sore all of the time? If you answered yes to any of the above you may be suffering from a very common but little known syndrome that is very common in corporate America called “Uppe… OOPS! Looks […]

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