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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How do I dispute a ban or file a complaint against a moderator?
      Follow this template when submitting an appeal:
      Date banned:
      Reason for ban:
      Plead your case:
      -Ban disputes should be done primarily through the moderator who issued the ban or through [email protected] if still unresolved. Due to the large number of ban disputes we get daily, please follow the following steps prior to disputing ban and keep all disputes professional and courteous.

      Step 1: Read the forum rules. If you do not think you posted content that violated forum rules proceed to step 2.
      Step 2: Contact the moderator who issued the ban through the email address that was provided in your ban message. If the moderator will not lift the ban and you still feel that you have not violated forum rules proceed to step 3.
      Step 3: Contact the forum admin at [email protected]. Please provide a reason you do not feel the ban is warranted.

      Each ban reason should include a moderator email address to contact the moderator for dispute. All complaints against moderators need to be sent to [email protected]. It is very rare that a ban will be overturned.

      2. How do I close my account?
      -If you would like to have your account deactivated and removed from public viewing please contact customer service or through email at [email protected]. Once we have verified information on the account we can get the account deactivated.

      3. How do I change my username?
      -Username changes are no longer allowed. If you have a specific reason why a username change is necessary, contact the forum admin.

      4. How do I get posts or threads removed?
      -This is a very time and resource consuming activity. By signing up for an account, you agree to the terms of use that state users post “at your own risk”. We are under no obligation to remove any content and will only consider removal requests of specific posts that violate forum rules. So take caution in what you post as it may be up for a long time. If you have a specific reason to remove content please contact a moderator or the forum admin to discuss removal.

      5. What do I do if a member is harassing me?
      -If you are being overly harassed by another member of the forums please contact a moderator to discuss the issue or simply report the member for abuse. You can also add that person to your ignore list through your User CP under “edit ignore list”.

      6. How do I contact a moderator?
      -A current list of moderators and contact information can be found HERE .

      7. How do I become a Moderator?
      -The minimum requirements are: member for more than one year, no bans, no multiple accounts, over the age of 21, no trolls.

      -If you meet the minimum requirements, contact a moderator for more details or submit your application HERE.

      8. A Note on Thread Size and Content:

      -Threads will be closed between 8,000 and 9,000 posts. If the thread is going to be restarted: make a new thread; post a link to the new thread in the current thread; contact a moderator, using the PM system or Report button, to close it.

      -Threads that receive multiple complaints about breaking the rules will be shut down by the moderators and will not be allowed to be restarted (and thus blacklisted from the forums). All forum rules and Terms of Service apply to chat threads.

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