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There are 2 Coaching Plans available, a Monthly plan and an Annual plan. With the Monthly plan you will be billed every month, but you will save 20% if you pay up front and select the Annual Plan. We also offer a free Starter Plan, which gives you access to training articles and recipes, plus our social network and forums.

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Step 3: Transform Into The Badass You Were Born To Be

Our programs have been successfully battle tested not only on ourselves, but also on thousands of happy customers and clients who have all successfully built muscle, shred fat, gotten healthier and become more athletic.

The testimonials speak for themselves, but don’t just take our word for it, try it 100% free for a week and decide for yourself!


  • Coaching from international fitness model, Jamin Thompson and his team of world class trainers.
  • Cutting edge, expert designed training programs and workouts for your skill level and goals.
  • Healthy and delicious meal plans to help you build muscle, burn fat, get stronger and boost energy.
  • Shopping lists to show you exactly what to buy in the grocery store so you stay on track.
  • A support community where you can engage with other members, get all of your questions answered, and motivate + help each other succeed.
  • Exclusive videos and articles with exercise demos to help you master technique, rare exercises you’ve never heard of before, plus unlimited motivation to help keep your fire burning strong every day.
Every week you will get 3-5 strength and conditioning workouts. Typical strength training sessions last 45 minutes to 1 hour and the conditioning sessions are usually 30 minutes or less. These training programs will be designed around your schedule and available equipment.
Yes! We have workouts to suit every fitness level. We also can make any necessary tweaks to your program in order to meet your individual needs and/or goals.
You can join the ranks and become a member by selecting one of the coaching plans that’s right for you. Once you register and log in you will have instant access to everything in the membership area.
Guys & Gals who are willing to work hard and commit 100% to becoming their very best.

Guys & Gals who are tired of wasting time researching online, trying to put together a program on their own, and hopping from one failed program to another.

Guys & Gals who are sick of being frustrated and making very little progress.

Guys & Gals who want to build muscle, get leaner, get stronger, and become more athletic.

Once you select one of the coaching plans and get started, you will get full access to everything in the members area.

Inside, you’ll find workouts, nutrition plans, motivational videos, member forums, our exclusive social network where you can interact with other members, and much more.

Each week we will send you a new workout program, which will include 3-4 strength training workouts and 1-2 conditioning workouts.

You will also have full access to our expert strength coaches and trainers to help you with modifications with your training program or meal plan to help get you the results you want.

Also, every couple of weeks we will have a live Question and Answer session where you can directly ask our team anything you want and get your questions answered. No more having to rely on Google or bad advice from friends.

Results will always vary but many of our members and clients have:

  • Lost 15-20 pounds of fat
  • Gained 10-20 pounds of muscle
  • Added 50 pounds or more to their bench, squat and deadlift max.
  • Started out not being able to do a single pull-up but can now do 5 sets of 10
  • Started out as an “Average Joe” or an “Average Jane” and have gone on to win fitness competitions.
  • Reduced or eliminated joint pain and overcome nagging training injuries.
  • Improved digestive health and increased energy levels.
It really comes down to you and how much work you put in. We can’t promise you quick or overnight results because these things are both impractical and unsustainable. Our goal is to help you achieve long term results that last, so if you work hard and stick to the plan you will make the fastest progress that’s possible for your age, genetics, and body type.