What You’ll Learn:

The 1 little used exercise that yielded a 10-15% increase in strength in over 80% of our test group participants. (This trick works for ANY hardgainer.)

The one movement you need to be doing right now that will help increase your strength on every lift. (This doesn’t even require using any weight… and you can do it at home.)

The exact training split to follow that helped one test group participant gain 4 inches on his legs and 7 pounds overall in less than 30 days. (Just follow the template and watch your gains increase almost like magic.)

Plus… we’ll reveal our Top 3 recovery and supplementation tips to help you increase performance… (and bounce back from a tough workout faster than you ever thought possible.)

Jamin Thompson – Co-Founder & CEO, The Warrior Project

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a Hardgainer or a Genetically Gifted Freak – I guarantee that this program will challenge you in ways you’ve never experienced before and force your body to get stronger and grow.

I have personally battle tested the entire program out on myself…all 24 workouts.

Download them and use them… they work!”

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