Frequently Asked Questions About The Membership Program

On this page, you will find the answers to our most common questions regarding your membership account.

If you have a question that’s not on this FAQ page, you may contact us via email by opening a support ticket.

Every week you will get 3-5 strength and conditioning workouts. Typical strength training sessions last 45 minutes to 1 hour and the conditioning sessions are usually 30 minutes or less.

These training programs will be designed around your schedule and available equipment.

We currently have a team of several full-time trainers and 3-4 part-time contributors.

They are some of the top trainers/coaches in the field with certifications ranging from CSCS to NASM and more.

You can definitely find free workouts, articles, and meal plans, online – this is a known fact.

But spending countless hours on Google searching through thousands of results to find CURRENT information that’s QUALITY is practically impossible.

In fact, most of the great trainers out there aren’t very good at SEO, so you’re very likely going to only find articles from big companies and online marketers whose primary goal is to get as much web traffic as possible so they can sell advertising.

So those “free workouts” and “free articles” you find are almost always influenced by advertising or paid sponsorships, which can make it difficult to know whether you can actually trust the information.

Most of these big websites also have annoying pop ads on every article and in the discussion forums – and many of the articles are actually cleverly disguised editorial ads designed to sell supplements!

Running a website can be expensive, however, but instead of cluttering up this site with annoying popups and ads, we choose to offer a low monthly membership fee.

This allows us to continue to pump out legit, scientifically-based workouts and meal plans, and also keep the site running quickly and efficiently.

To login, use the username or email you created when you registered along with your password.

You can login here to access the member’s dashboard.

If you can’t remember your username or password, visit the login page and click “forgot username or password” to reset your login credentials.

A link to reset your username or password will be sent to you via email.

To update your password or contact details, visit the settings tab under your membership profile.

Currently, our system does not allow you to change your username.

To change your profile picture, visit the settings tab under your membership profile and click “change profile photo”.

Then simply upload a new photo from your computer or device, and click save.

To view your private messages, go to your user profile and then click “messages.”
The 6 Pack Secret book and this membership program are sold separately.

While many of the concepts taught in The 6 Pack Secret are very similar to the concepts taught on the membership site, this website is a private subscription-based members only support community that it was designed for readers who want to take their fitness and nutrition to the next level.

To upgrade your membership, go to your Account Page and click on the Subscriptions Tab. From there, you will be able to see all of the upgrades that are available to you based on your current membership level.
Once you select one of the coaching plans and get started, you will get full access to everything in the members area.
You can join the ranks and become a member by selecting one of the coaching plans that’s right for you.

Once you register and log in you will have instant access to everything in the membership area.

Guys & Gals who are willing to work hard and commit 100% to becoming their very best.

Guys & Gals who are tired of wasting time researching online, trying to put together a program on their own, and hopping from one failed program to another.

Guys & Gals who are sick of being frustrated and making very little progress.

Guys & Gals who want to build muscle, get leaner, get stronger, and become more athletic.

  • Coaching from international fitness model, Jamin Thompson and his team of world class trainers.
  • Cutting edge, expert designed training programs and workouts for your skill level and goals.
  • Healthy and delicious meal plans to help you build muscle, burn fat, get stronger and boost energy.
  • Shopping lists to show you exactly what to buy in the grocery store so you stay on track.
  • A support community where you can engage with other members, get all of your questions answered, and motivate + help each other succeed.
  • Exclusive videos and articles with exercise demos to help you master technique, rare exercises you’ve never heard of before, plus unlimited motivation to help keep your fire burning strong every day.
Results will always vary but many of our members and clients have:

  • Lost 15-20 pounds of fat
  • Gained 10-20 pounds of muscle
  • Added 50 pounds or more to their bench, squat and deadlift max.
  • Started out not being able to do a single pull-up but can now do 5 sets of 10
  • Started out as an “Average Joe” or an “Average Jane” and have gone on to win fitness competitions.
  • Reduced or eliminated joint pain and overcome nagging training injuries.
  • Improved digestive health and increased energy levels.
It really comes down to you and how much work you put in. We can’t promise you quick or overnight results because these things are both impractical and unsustainable.

Our goal is to help you achieve long term results that last, so if you work hard and stick to the plan you will make the fastest progress that’s possible for your age, genetics, and body type.

Yes! We have workouts to suit every fitness level. We also can make any necessary tweaks to your program in order to meet your individual needs and/or goals.
One of the most valuable components of your membership is the direct access you get to me as well as my team of expert trainers and coaches.

With that said, yes, I will definitely be answering your questions!

Now, I don’t want to promise that I can answer every question because as this site continues to grow we could have thousands more members (and thousands more questions to answer)…and I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up.

However, I will be on the discussion forums just about every day looking to answer every question that I can – and if I can’t get to it, someone else on my team will.

We have taken extra precautions and beefed up security on this website to make sure your personal info stays safe.

Our order page is 100% secure and your credit card + personal info is encrypted and 100% safe. When you are on the order page, you can look at the browser bar to make sure the page is secure.

It should say “https” instead of just “http” – the extra s stands for secure.

We understand that many good folks out there are on tight budgets and that’s why we have created a new monthly membership plan where you don’t have to pay the full year up front.

This new monthly plan is only $7.95 a month and we hope it fits your budget a lot better.

You can always still pay in full by choosing the annual plan, but either way you are still getting a tremendous value.

For about the price of a Starbucks latte, you’ll get access to new workouts every week, monthly challenges, downloadable workouts from the archives, meal plans, nutrition tools and calculators, high def exercise tutorial and motivational videos, downloadable audio MP3 files to help you learn and get motivated, a vast knowledge base of articles, video interviews and lessons, discussion forums, and more.

To cancel your membership, simply go to your user dashboard and click “cancel.”

There is no cancellation fee, and no hassle. You may cancel at any time.

When you cancel you will have access to everything in the members area until the currently monthly cycle you have paid for expires.

Upon expiration, you will lose all access to the members area, however, you can always reactivate your membership at any time.


Still need help?

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